Perspective- it’s a bear!

No two people share the same fingerprints, and they say that no two tigers have the exact same stripe pattern.  Perception is similar in that it is uniquely our own experience.  Our perception is shaped by sensory input (how we see, smell, hear, process touch, taste), personality, experiences, proximity, feelings in a given moment, etc. ... Continue Reading →

Exploring Envy

I am currently reading Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart, a fabulous book recommended by fellow blogger, Wynn Leon (if you aren’t following her blog, you should do so immediately! 😊).  This book explores how we experience emotion.  As I was reading the second chapter, titled Places We Go When We Compare, I was schooled... Continue Reading →

Lunch date, anyone?

After my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 in December, I emailed my (former) therapist and asked if we could resume sessions.  In my email, I explained what to her what was going on, and how my husband was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Christmas Eve.  She immediately contacted me, and we set... Continue Reading →

Dancing my way to freedom!

Hi, I am Grace, and I am a compulsive overeater. It is getting easier and easier to say that statement and not feel a ton of shame around it.  This is a strong signal to me that I am learning to love myself, flaws and all.  I can be a compulsive overeater and still be... Continue Reading →

It’s a new day

The last few days have been really hard.  My husband is experiencing new symptoms, including a constant low-grade fever, which has him feeling very crummy.  His specialist made time to see us right away (I am grateful to her for this ❤ ) and ran a whole slew of new diagnostics. As he faces yet... Continue Reading →

Anxiety… ugh!

Recently, the book Atlas of the Heart, written by Brené Brown was put in my path.  One of my fellow bloggers, Wynne Leon (thank you, Wynne! 😊), wrote about this book and that same day, a gal in my Dharma Recovery meeting mentioned it as a helpful way to learn more about human emotion.  Being... Continue Reading →


I attended an incredibly moving Dharma Recovery zoom meeting today.  If you haven’t heard of Dharma Recovery (it is still very new to me), it is a recovery program the uses Buddhist practices and principles to heal the suffering of addiction.  This program focuses on recovery from substances but also from process addictions (shopping, gambling,... Continue Reading →


When we are young, it feels like there are a million different ways that our lives might end up.  Endless choices and possibilities.  But somewhere along the way, we start to feel caged in by responsibilities... family, health concerns, homes, debt, jobs, etc.  Those are real concerns, real things to have to deal with.  The... Continue Reading →

Taking that leap

Have you ever felt yourself on the precipice of change? I feel like I am about to jump, headfirst, off a tall cliff into unfamiliar waters. A part of me feels panicked, afraid to let go.  And part of me feels... excited. Excited that there might be another way to exist in this world.  Excited... Continue Reading →

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